Nancy S, October 28, 2014

Dr Lev’s program (and his book) should be used by all those dealing with chronic illness. Working with him has changed my life in more ways than I can count including: avoiding flares by noticing triggers, identifying and planning strategies to deal with the people that cause stress and anxiety in my life, and planning positive activities to forward to on my good days. Using his skills and guidance has allowed me to significantly reduce my pain and stress, as well as teaching me a better way to deal with all of the areas of my life that ae impacted by my chronic illnesses. I just wish I’d had his help and tools over 20-year ago!

Kathleen Smith, September 7, 2014

If we are all lucky enough in our lives to meet a professional, in charge of making us feel better, that actually sees us.  Really sees us for who and what we are.
I remember the first day that Dr Lev walked into a support group called ‘The Comfort Circle’.  I thought “Who is this guy? Are you kidding me?”. Buddhist prayer beads, a yarmulke, a little stomach, in casual cloths. Am Iin the wrong place?
Well, I was in such the right place.

This man taught me so much about myself, about my pain.  Self hypnosis ( no one can hypnotize me ) being one of the most valuable tools.  Dr Lev taught us to understand our conditions.  For me it means a cooperative life with my pain, learning to live a normal ( New Normal) life realizing that I would be living with it , so I might as well befriend it.  Together we found classes, Doctors, and procedures to further assist in my strengthening my spine.

I never left an appointment, or a Comfort Circle without feeling better, experiencing less pain, and most importantly, always laughing.  I will never be pain free, however I am not totally controlled by it.
I just found out that Dr Lev is moving to Hawaii (my birth place).  This will be a loss to the Vallejo Kaiser Pain Clinic. He is a very special Dr.  He already has Aloha Spirit, so will fit in perfectly.

Susan Thompson, February 22, 2014

“I have been in Dr. Lev’s Comfort Skills Class for a year now and I must say he has literally provided me with the knowledge, tools, ability and the strength to enhance my mind, body and soul to look outside the box and learn a new way of life to deal with chronic pain through Hypnosis and Meditation. Before I met this amazing man I was suffering tremendously, taking a lot of pain, inflammation, nerve, and sleeping medications. Now, I am only on nerve and occasional one pain pill. The Meditation and Hypnosis techniques he teaches provided me with the relaxation and mind control that helps me control a lot of my own pain.  Dr. Lev provides not only the techniques, but a relationship with you to guide you through your personal understanding of your mind to body.

“There are many techniques that he has taught me in meditation, but my favorite is the eye lid drop. It is the easiest way for me to focus on one spot and allow my eyes to let my mind relax. As my eyes get tiered and my body and mind catch up the eye lids get tiered of staying open and they get dry and start to close. I cannot keep them open and I drift off. “Simple as that!” I also use his specialty DVD tapes. “His voice is amazing, so soothing, calming and peaceful!” To me, Dr. Lev is a miracle and his craft is a gift and to all that I have had the honor of sharing his class with has been such an experience. I am not the only one who suffers by sharing our stories. Each and every one of us are the same we suffer, but we use his techniques differently. I Love going to his class just to relax with my class mates and share our experiences together! I can’t speak for them, but I LOVE knowing that Tuesday is coming and I have that class to go to for comfort.

Sharon Woolard, March 21, 2014

I think the Comfort Skills should be called survival skills. This is because they help me get through flares and fearful thoughts. My favorite is hypnosis although I use the breathing technique for emergencies. When you find your favorite techniques practice them regularly so they become automatic when needed. I like to use the hypnosis recording as a timer. This can help in two ways. At night when the pain is sharpest for me, I play the first recording. If the pain hasn’t eased up I play the second recording. After that I’ve either started to fall asleep or the pain level has dropped. It also works for naps. The more I practice it the better it works for pain reduction.